Brexit fear for the EU

With the British gone

With their democratic ways

Their moderation

Their fair play

Their justice

Their culture

And their steadfastness

Fear not for their future

But fear for your own

Fear your own psyches

Fear your own histories

Democracy treading water in a sea of bureaucracy


View From The Castle Keep

Gaze down upon the village
From the medieval keep
See the church and the graveyard
A perfect walled square
Filled with a thousand deaths
Then look to the right
The identical square
With new graves at its corner
As a postage stamp on an envelope
Waiting to be filled
With another thousand deaths
A symbol of our transient being
The impermanence of life
Viewed from a castle keep set in stone

Try self-publishing

I worried about self-publishing but finally had a go, over the last 12 months producing six e-books and five paperbacks through Amazon. Their software is fine. No, I don’t expect to make money. That’s not the point. It’s been about self-discovery and trying to be creative. And a feeling of self-worth!