Oh no! UK result

Good grief! What we needed was clarity and what we have is fog!

Brexit negotiations now look shambolic.

Theresa May is unlikely to see out the year, at most.

Conservatives lack a credible alternative.

Scotland looks to go against indyref2 and will remain in the UK – brilliant! Thanks Ruth!

We need a national government but no-one would compromise.

So, a Conservative-DUP alliance? Yes.

But the UK is limping now.

Lessons to learn?

1. A representative democracy should not hold referenda! Believe in Parliament!

2. UKIP is a one issue party. UKIP voters, outside the Brexit issue, merely revert to type, back to Conservative or Labour.

3. Never think you can second guess the electorate! Ordinary people make up their minds based on simple issues – kids, schools, fees, health , education! It’s not rocket science.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Vince Cable is back – great!


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