For England

I stand upon the hilltop
And stare across this land
A mongrel bred democracy
Held within my hand

This realm it brings me certainty
Identity and faith
History modernity
That nothing can replace

Just like its farmland landscape
Its people weathered too
Toughened by past battles
But readied for the new

Have no doubts my brother
Say what you might say
I trust in ancient wisdoms
Deep hidden in the clay





Speck Of Dust

Gaze up at the mountain
It is granite grey
Not snow topped in optimism
It is history itself

Millions of skeletons descend from its summit
A pyroclastic flow of shattered bones beliefs and ambitions
Accelerating beyond our comprehension
Unrestricted by the stuttering stammering progress of mankind

Why do we stand apart
Glaring at each other from the four corners of the globe
Prepared to fight and die
On a speck of dust in an expanding universe