What do you think of poets

Especially those that know it’s

Just a game like stand up

Desperate for a hand up

Saying something woke

Swearing with a joke

Part of a profession

With personal obsession

Pretending to be youth

No sign of depth or truth

Echoing their own time

With on trend partial rhyme

Time to end my moaning

I’ll edit in the morning

Energy problem

You see, Mike, I don’t get it. We need to save the planet. We’re producing too much carbon dioxide and it’s producing climate change so we need to cut Carbon emissions and should use green energy production for heating etcetera and use less gas for instance.

Sounds about right, Bernie. So what’s your problem?

Well, apparently we in the UK are short of Carbon Dioxide and it might lead to food shortages. And we’re short of gas too, which means high gas prices and we won’t be able to heat our homes or cook stuff during winter. So, here in the UK, we don’t have enough CO2 and don’t have enough gas. So, how come we have a climate problem?

Mmm! I understand your problem, Bernie. And I understand your logic. But like most ordinary folk, you haven’t t got a clue what you’re talking about. Leave it to the experts, Bernie.

You mean the politicians, Mike?

No! They’re clueless morons with zero technical knowledge and understanding. They can speak English and sound credible, that’s all. They rely on expert scientists and economists and the like.

So, how come we’re short of CO2 when the world is full of it?

No idea, Bernie, no idea!I

Crumpled Snapshots



I cannot conjur magic

Nor take away the loss

Of years of hidden half life

No mention of the cost


I have no photographs to cry for


Oh for walls bedecked

With the face that once looked here

And a future now unfolding

Crumpled snapshots held so dear


Bringing her back into my life´╗┐



Author’s comment: I often find it difficult to like what I write. However, this poem seems to mean a lot to me. Whatever it means!

America (revisited)


Barely a teenager some might say

Bestrode the globe in a swaggering way

Youthful energetic and confident

As if democracy was heaven sent

But the one-time bravado of self-belief

Is replaced by doubts that lie beneath

While others weaker stand aside

The top dog’s barking they now deride

Perhaps this is merely history

Another empire’s fall for all to see

A moral compass is needed more than ever

When our world it faces stormy weather

Democracy is not a given right

Please tell me who will stand and fight

Edited poem taken from ‘From England To America’

by Paul Ainsley

America’s Return To Saigon

It was just another lecture

Battle simulation mathematical modelling

Discussion to provide context and interest

Or so I hoped

Who won the Vietnam War?

Asked the student annoyed

The Vietcong or the Americans?

The Vietnamese said I

But the Americans won every battle said he

They were superior in all respects

Napalm helicopter gunships materiel

Dollars dollars dollars beyond imagining

Bombardment year upon year upon year

Yes you are right said I superior indeed

Then why do you say said he that the Americans lost

They went home they went away said I

Fifteen years after my lecture

I sit and watch the news

And ponder

The lessons of history

Lovely weather?

According to the meteorologists, Britain is getting wetter, sunnier and hotter, and it’s our fault, and climate change is already here, with flooding and heat waves and severe storms much more frequent. What do you think, Mike?

All seems reasonable, Bernie, based on weather statistics and some credible but sometimes dodgy mathematical modelling. Computational fluid dynamics can predict the weather pretty well for the coming week or so. The next fifty years? No chance. That’s more like licking your finger and pointing it to the sky. Different models give different results depending on initial data and assumptions. Non-linear systems are hard to fathom, Bernie.

Lost me, Mike. Anyway, what about the Ice Age? 

Good point, Bernie. The human race got through that, amazingly, about fifteen thousand years ago, ish.

Really, Mike! And the film is so good too.

In the end, Bernie, the planet moves on, doing it’s thing. It survives and mankind has to adjust. We don’t rule the planet. It rules itself. We might affect it for a while but, in the end, we billions have to change to survive as best as can. It’s not about the next fifty years, it’s about the next five hundred or five thousand years, and more.

Agreed, Mike. Modern man seems so arrogant to me, the pretence that we can just expand on the planet, unchecked, and yet control what happens. By the way,have you seen today’s weather forecast?

Hot and sunny followed by rain this afternoon.


How many of us will pay?

Locked down too late 

Came out in June

Deaths blowing up

Like a fragile balloon

Went in too late

Came out for business

Repeated incaution 

Unlocking for Christmas

Went in too late

Releasing this summer

With exponential growth

Anything dumber?

Keep repeating the cycle

Stressing NHS 

No rest for the carers

Trying their best

So have a good holiday

Free of the mask

What are the consequences?

Don’t ask please don’t ask

Money talks loudest

Isn’t that what they say?

Ask your self this question

How many of us will pay?

Don’t believe in coincidences


Don’t believe in coincidences, Bernie.

You look a bit serious, Mike. Thought we were talking about the football, like usual.

Yeh, football is really important, especially England, but I keep thinking about Covid restrictions being lifted in a few days, even though cases are rising exponentially. It’s all a bit pat.

What do you mean?

Well, Bernie, whatever you think of Matt Hancock’s personal behaviour or judgement, he’s worked bloody hard over the last year and the vaccines could be at least our partial saviour. So how come, when he’s the one who is cautious about easing restrictions, and a lot of high up Conservatives are against him, and Boris is getting twitchy about not giving people their summer candy, a camera suddenly appears in his office to catch him having a cuddle with a lady love, so that he ends up having to resign, replaced by Javid who appears mad keen for July 19th and freedom?

Yeh, that’s what I thought too, Mike. Too coincidental! Anyway, what score on Sunday, Mike. I reckon 4-2 to England after extra time.

I don’t believe in coincidences, Bernie.

Woodland Walk

Along the boardwalk over boggy ground

Up steps down steps I take in the sound

Birds high in the trees these days so loud

Peers of their realm sounding so proud

Humbled to be there clearing my mind

I leave the stresses of life far behind

Over the beck bridge then climbing away

Following the woodland path chosen today

Finding the tree stump why do I smile

Checking pedometer more than a mile

Struggling to focus I immediately stop dead

A deer stares at me one hundred yards ahead

We link eyes for a minute he has no fear

My monocular gaze brings him so near

He calmy turns and walks away

Does he know how much he has made my day

I take him home with me to bring more joy

He has transformed the old man into a boy

It is time to move on

You say that
You hate each other
That it has always been so

Yet it began so long ago
That fading memory of truth
Cannot reason why

Do not spit in each other’s faces
Look down and spit on the ground instead
Your bile will seep away as it must

Look each other in the eye
Then start both your futures today
It is time to move on